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How being pragmatic helps you acting humane and making sustainable decisions.

In the past 30 years, we have successfully torn down borders and conventions. However, we did not only gain freedom, we’ve also caught quite some complexity. Dealing with this complexity and all the ill that comes with it can be exhausting and frustrating. That’s one of the reasons why ideological views are so successful today: they provide a feeling of security and belonging.

It’s a false security though. The complexity doesn’t vanish by ignoring it. Ideology prevents us from understanding a holistic context putting a strong filter on our perception: we only see what fits our beliefs. Arguments deteriorate to preaching and dogmatism prevails, leaving many with anger or delusional utopia.

Looking at the world without bias, trying to grasp as much as possible and finding a viable solution for the problem at hand will keep us moving. What we still need, however, is guidance: improving our value systems to bring society and economy in line and sharing a vision of a better future considering relevant interdependencies is both mandatory.

That’s what being pragmatic is all about: seeing what is, applying a holistic value system and do what’s doable. It may not seem glamorous, but that’s how evolution works. 

Jürgen Hein

Co-Founder, CEO. Berät Führungskräfte und Unternehmer*innen weltweit, strukturiert Chaos, navigiert Komplexität, zeigt Wege auf, gibt als Speaker Impulse zu modernen Führungskonzepten sowie zu Digitalisierung in den Bereichen „Verwaltung“, „Recruiting, Coaching und Training“ oder „Sourcing“.