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Make peace with your decisions, even if they have turned out to be wrong, and gain power and capacity to act.

Repeatedly failing and retrying are fundamental for our learning process. That’s our natural mindset when we are born. Without it, we would never have learned to crawl, stand or walk. Soon after that, however, we start our careers in kindergarten and school, and what we call “education” quite fundamentally ruins our attitude towards making mistakes. We learn to spend an enormous amount of energy on trying to prevent making them at all.

I believe that a healthy performance-orientation is very beneficial for a sustainable development of our lifes and societies. Yet, allowing for mistakes while being aware and acting mindful opens so much more space for evolvement than fear, perfectionism and regret.

Whenever you’re afraid to make a decision, ask yourself whether you really lack information to decide or if your anxiety of what could happen holds you back. If you’ve already made a decision, don’t be afraid to overturn it, if information changes. Most importantly, never regret having made a decision: you did what you knew at the time, and there’s nothing wrong about that. Thinking about what could have been is just a huge waste of time. Always take it from where you are now. 

Jürgen Hein

Co-Founder, CEO. Berät Führungskräfte und Unternehmer*innen weltweit, strukturiert Chaos, navigiert Komplexität, zeigt Wege auf, gibt als Speaker Impulse zu modernen Führungskonzepten sowie zu Digitalisierung in den Bereichen „Verwaltung“, „Recruiting, Coaching und Training“ oder „Sourcing“.